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Transportation Research > DOT Research Clusters > Positioning, Navigation & Timing

What is PNT?


Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) allows users to accurately determine their location, as well as guide them from one location to another, based on a defined time standard. PNT is provided by the following technologies:
·         Space Based (e.g., GPS, GLONASS),
·         Terrestrial (e.g., VOR, DME) and,
·         Autonomous (e.g., inertial navigation systems, clocks).
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GPS IIF Satellite
People Sharing Research Activities, Publications, and Products

 Challenges & Capability Gaps


 National PNT Architecture


To address these Capability Gaps, a National PNT Architecture and the resulting Implementation Plan were created to provide more effective and efficient PNT capabilities focused on the 2025 timeframe.


 Shared Research (Click Here to See More...)

RIN NAV 10 APNT Paper - Final.pdf
1012 KB
Support of The System Test and Analysis Program for The Nationwide DGPS Phase II.pdf
1155 KB
Support of The System Test and Analysis Program for The Nationwide DGPS Phase I.pdf
458 KB
RIN Nav 10 Symposium 20101202 Final.pdf
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 Documents of Interest (Click Here to See More...)

2008 Federal Radionavigation Plan.pdf
2380 KB
GPS Civil Monitoring Performance Specification.pdf
433 KB
GPS SPS Performance Standard.pdf
1472 KB
GPS WAAS Performance Standard.pdf
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Development Schedule 
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Just launched, the Positioning, Navigation & Timing(PNT) collaboration site is part of DOT/RITA’s initiative to promote information sharing and collaboration among researchers within the PNT community.

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Retrieving Data

 Publications and Products


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