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Welcome to the new!

We have updated our software to SharePoint 2010, and are working through some of the issues; please be patient and please take the time to send us issues using the contact us feature to report any issues you may find.
As a part of the update, we have added several new communities and enhanced our collaboration and professional networking capabilities to include My Site.
We’d like to welcome the Intelligent Transportation System’s Connected Vehicle community as well as the Every Day Counts and Knowledge Management communities from the Federal Highways Administration.
The sites are generally viewable by everyone, but you must register for any of them if you wish to post content.  Some of the sites are open for general collaboration and professional networking, while other require approval by a site administrator.
Listed below are additional details on the RITA subsites.
Please contact us if we can be of assistance or answer any questions.

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Transportation Research Clusters

Each year, the Department of Transportation (DOT) spends $1.2B to fund DOT staffers and other researchers across the nation to explore topics important to the nation’s transportation system. RITA’s mission is to ensure the coordination and collaboration of those DOT funded research pursuits and has been working among researchers both inside and outside of DOT to foster development of linkages between them to leverage knowledge and resources.
On behalf of DOT researchers, RITA created a social media site organized into 14 thematic research areas, otherwise known as research clusters, to allow researchers to better share their work through long-distance collaboration and the electronic sharing of information and ideas. You are invited to freely peruse these research clusters or join them if you have research to share, questions to ask or a dialogue you’d like to start.

National Transportation Library (NTL)

The National Transportation of Library of RITA provides leadership and coordination in the development of regional and topical transportation knowledge networks. The National Transportation Library site provides a platform for regional libraries to exchange information, share resources, and enhance collaboration. The site is accessible via the top navigation bar.

Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT)

DOT has been designated the lead civil agency for Positioning, Navigation, and Timing matters.  Within DOT, RITA is the lead administration, carrying out this work through the DOT Extended Pos/Nav Working Group and Executive Committee. The RITA External SharePoint site, currently under development, will support this collaboration. More information on the RITA PNT program is available at

Research Program and Project Management(RPPM) has created a  Research Program and Project Management (RPPM) site that allows the transportation research community to share information and collaborate on common issues (registration required). Over time, the site will become a repository of documents and work products forming a collective set of best practices for planning, funding, conducting, managing, implementing, and evaluating transportation research programs and projects. The site's value comes from the documents and work products contributed by the research community. If you have documents or work products on setting research agendas, carrying out research, collaborating in research activities, delivering research results, communicating the value of research, come join us by clicking here!






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